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Artemisia annua Extract and Artemisinin Capsules

1. Intake and Effect

  • Question: Why do I need to take Artemisia annua capsules with cooking oil?
  • Answer: Artemisia annua extract is lipophilic. Taking it with edible oil or low-fat yogurt increases the bioavailability of the extract in the body.

2. Color of the extract


  • Question: Why is the content of Artemisia annua capsules brown instead of green?
  • Answer: Color can be affected by extraction methods, concentration, natural variation, and oxidation. Brown is not an indication of poor quality.

3. Source

  • Question: Where does the annual mugwort used in Artemisia annua capsules come from?
  • Answer: The source comes from our own growing areas and European farmers.

4. Difference from Artemisinin Capsules

  • Question: How is Artemisia annua different from artemisinin capsules?
  • Answer: Artemisia annua capsules contain the dried plant, while artemisinin capsules contain the concentrated active ingredient.

5. Consumption Recommendation

  • Question: What is the recommended intake for Artemisia annua capsules and artemisinin?
  • Answer: Artemisia annua capsules as a dietary supplement should be taken once a day, 3 capsules at a time, and for phytotherapy, 4 capsules twice a day. Artemisinin capsules should be taken once a day, 1 capsule at a time.

6. Combination with iron supplements

  • Question: Should iron be taken with Artemisia annua or artemisinin?
  • Answer: Iron should be given before starting treatment, not at the same time, as this may interfere with the effect.

7. Side effects and safety

  • Question: Are there any side effects to taking Artemisia annua and artemisinin?
  • Answer: Toxic effects are possible with prolonged use. Therefore, the maximum duration of use should not exceed 3 weeks.

8. Duration of use and breaks

  • Question: How long can Artemisia annua and artemisinin be taken safely?
  • Answer: The maximum duration of use is 3 weeks without interruption, followed by a 7-10 day break for regeneration and to flush out dead cell residues.

9. Iron supplementation

  • Question: What iron supplement is recommended before starting phytotherapy with Artemisia annua and artemisinin?
  • Answer: Before starting phytotherapy with Artemisia annua and artemisinin, it is recommended to take ferrous bisglycinate chelate, as this preparation allows effective absorption in the body due to its high concentration of iron ions and is largely free from the typical problems of simpler iron supplements.

    10. Taking Iron Supplements

    • Question: How should the intake of iron supplements be structured in conjunction with Artemisia annua and artemisinin, and what should be specifically considered regarding the duration and interruption of iron intake?
    • Answer: If you wish to take an iron supplement in combination with Artemisia annua and artemisinin, you should take the iron supplement for about a week before starting and then take a break to reduce excess iron ions in the body. The specific recommendation for taking the iron supplement is for at least one week followed by a two-day break before starting Artemisia annua and artemisinin therapy.

    11. Additional Information

    • Question: Are there any known interactions between Artemisia annua and artemisinin products and drugs?
    • Answer: There are currently no known interactions with medications, dietary supplements, or other products.

    12. Pregnancy and lactation

    • Note: The use of Artemisia annua and artemisinin is strictly prohibited during pregnancy and lactation, as the active ingredients, especially artemisinin, can have a severe toxic effect on the fetus.